January 03, 2005

Ten tracks

Someday perhaps I'll give a full rundown on what I did over New Year's---had a lot of fun, got very little sleep, and put myself in a position where I nearly didn't finish both of my syllabi in time for class today---but right now I need to post about going crazy.

I'm sitting in on a music theory class this term. I've wanted to take it for at least ten years, but it just kept not quite fitting into my schedule, so I wasn't about to pass up the chance. With any luck I'll be able to stick with it for multiple terms.

The first assignment in the course is what's driving me nuts. The prof asked each of us to make up a mix tape (/CD) of 3-5 of the tracks of our favourite music. I started with the twenty songs in my list that I'd given five stars. (There's good ones elsewhere in the mix, but I obviously don't need to be adding to the list.) I threw out the ones I liked more for the lyrics and all but the best one by each artist, and a couple others that I could winnow out.

Now I'm down to ten, and I just can't narrow it down further. All ten are musically awesome songs, and they're all very different, and I like each one for a different reason. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • ABBA/The Piper (from Super Trouper)
  • The Chordettes/Mr Sandman
  • Ben Folds/The Ascent Of Stan (from Rockin' The Suburbs)
  • bond/Alexander the Great (from Born)
  • Deiseal/Sí Beag, Sí Mór
  • Maroon 5/This Love (from Songs About Jane)
  • Paul Simon/Kodachrome
  • Randy Travis/Forever and Ever, Amen (from Always & Forever)
  • Bolero (closing credits from Moulin Rouge)
  • Uncle Kracker/Follow Me (from Double Wide)

So there it is, ten of my mostest favouritest songs. How can I pick just five from that list? I'm seriously thinking of burning all ten and telling her to put it on random shuffle and just listen to the first five.

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Posted by blahedo at 5:29pm on 3 Jan 2005
"Follow Me" is about this guy who's boning some other dude's wife. Much like "Sweet Home Alabama," it's a nifty song that loses its appeal very quickly once you listen to the lyrics. Just doing my part to help. Posted by Kimmitt at 2:31am on 4 Jan 2005
Hmmm. Good point. A lot of music I don't listen to for the lyrics, and a lot of it I couldn't tell you what the lyrics said even if I can sing along with them. On the other hand, actually hearing the lyrics of "Mambo No. 5" put me off liking that catchy little tune for life. So... well, we'll see how this revelation affects my future enjoyment of "Follow Me". But I've already burned the CD (with all ten tracks). ;) Posted by blahedo at 5:33am on 4 Jan 2005
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