December 02, 2004

Another day passes

I finished grading the cs141 exam, which is certainly a load off. And then tonight I finished decorating my tree and put up lights in the window. Let's hear it for Christmas decorations!

In other news, I read this article, which was somewhat reassuring after the latest video out of Iraq, and this article, which is a rather alarming example of the sort of corporate censorship we'll see more of as the communications industry further concentrates into just a few corporations. But the highlight of today's reading was this image of Google News picking up a satire site's article "Canadians Authorities Arrest US President Bush On War Charges" (!) before Google operators intervened to remove it. Whoops!

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, watch the Return of the King Extended Cut trailer. Pretty!

"I'm assuming you were just being pithy, and don't actually intend to attempt to back this up." --Mike Peil

Posted by blahedo at 9:29pm on 2 Dec 2004
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