November 18, 2004

They hired me!

Found out this afternoon (official confirmation to follow) that they've decided to rehire me. Looks like Knox is going to be stuck with me for another half-decade or so, at least.

"While my armpit hair isn't thick and nasty, it has started to reach, God-and-Adam-in-the-Sistine-Chapel-like, for my chest hair." --Joe Shidle, who is going to find this quote on Google a few months or years from now and cringe in horror. Hi Joe!

Posted by blahedo at 11:41pm on 18 Nov 2004
Congratulations! This makes me very happy. Posted by Susannah at 5:27am on 19 Nov 2004
Congratulations! I'm happy for you! Posted by The Great Unbeatable Jim Mason at 1:21pm on 19 Nov 2004
Congratulations! I'm so glad of it! On a different note, your quote database needs an injection of Lewis Black. I'm listening to one of his albums right now, and it is absolutely hysterical. Posted by Michael at 12:36pm on 21 Nov 2004
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