November 03, 2004


In the next four years...

  • Republicans float a proposal for the repeal of the 22nd amendment---term limits. No prediction on the outcome.
  • The US will unilaterally invade Iran.
  • The US make no progress with North Korea.
  • Democrats and independent pollwatchers find credible evidence of voter fraud in at least one location that would have brought one state back into play. It is dismissed as sour grapes and no consequences result.
  • Nothing further is heard about anti-gay legislation until Spring of '06 or possibly Spring of '08, then an amendment to restrict marriage rights is again floated, primarily to embarrass Democrats.
  • 5,000 American dead in Iraq, 2,000 in Iran. US Military base established in eastern Kurdistan.
  • Military draft is formally proposed, but rejected; bases worldwide are dismantled to support Middle East campaign.
  • International reputation of the US continues to sour; EU begins drafting proposal to maintain coordinated troops to reduce US/NATO reliance.
  • FTAA is established. Jobs begin to bypass Mexico and go straight to El Salvador, Guatemala, and other Central American nations.
  • No significant Democrat power players come from New England or the West Coast.

I really hope not a single one of them comes true.

"When I was an altar boy, the most coveted job was to be "thurifer," or incense hassler. This job was great because you got to light the charcoal in the thurible (incense burner) before the service, which gave my natural desire to play with matches a religious significance that I still feel when lighting coals in the Weber." --Cecil Adams

Posted by blahedo at 4:18pm on 3 Nov 2004
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