October 03, 2004

GOOD dog

Well, tonight marks a major, important moment in my relationship with my dog. What on earth, you ask? Well, I let him out back without a leash.

It was super-scary, actually, but I had to do it at some point if I was to achieve my goal: sometime before the first snow, I want to be able to let him out the back door to relieve himself while I stand up on the somewhat-less-cold enclosed porch. And it's starting to get cold, and no time like the present, right? So I pulled out my big-bucks treats, some variety of Beggin Strips I think, and I waved them under his nose immediately before opening the porch door and letting him out.

For his part, he actually was reluctant to even step off the stairs without me. I actually had to go outside as far as the sidewalk before he'd run onto the grass. He did, and he went, and he ran right back when I called him inside. And he got his treats.


"The intuitive bottom line on the Macintosh versus PC productivity debate is actually pretty simple: I've never met a PC user whose focus on the job he or she was supposed to be doing wasn't significantly diluted by the need to accommodate the PC and its software, but I've never met a business Mac user who considered the machine anything other than a tool, like a telephone or typewriter, for getting the job done." --Paul Murphy

Posted by blahedo at 3:37am on 3 Oct 2004
Congratulations---You are braver than me. And good for Nutmeg..... Posted by Mom at 9:43am on 3 Oct 2004
You know, I was thinking about the quote here, and It's really true. Especially as windows continues to develop it's "user friendly" (usually animated :P ) appearance. It's less like a tool and more an over-active toy that winds up not doing anything terribly well. This is one of the reasons I now have a powerbook on my amazon wishlist ;) Posted by Chelsea at 2:13am on 4 Oct 2004
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