September 16, 2004


Getting a table at the Carnival of Clubs seems to have really paid off. Tonight, at the first ballroom class of the year, I had loads of people! Even better, the gender balance was fairly close---I never managed to really count, but I think I had nine or ten guys and maybe twelve or thirteen girls. All of them seemed to be having a lot of fun, everybody got to meet and dance with a lot of other people. I fully expect to see most if not all of them back next week. Wooooooooo!

"If I ever get elected God, one of the policies I'm going to implement is massive and real penalties for the board of directors and CEO (or equivalent) of any company that puts out a product with a planned obsolecence. It's a crime against humanity." --Sam Walker

Posted by blahedo at 9:56pm on 16 Sep 2004
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