September 12, 2004


I call shenanigans on the whole damn Bush campaign. It turns out that Illinois wasn't the only one they blew off a deadline for: they did it in Florida, too.

They knew perfectly well that having a September convention would make them miss deadlines, and they just didn't care. They knew that if the Dems tried to call them on it, they could cry "technicality!" and in the end the Dems would look bad. I'm annoyed that they think the Rule of Law doesn't apply to them, and I'm appalled that they appear to be correct. (Meanwhile the other parties are trying to follow the law, and being beat back with thoughtful arguments like, "oh, you're not a real party anyway.") I bet this doesn't even make the national media, just like the Illinois kerfuffle stayed mostly local. I wonder how many other states this is going on in....

"I pity the bacterium who lands on MY chili." --Eva Sweeney

Posted by blahedo at 5:22pm on 12 Sep 2004
The administration shows contempt for the constitution and you expect them to care about state law? Posted by lee at 11:07pm on 13 Sep 2004
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