September 06, 2004

Brief check-in

Well, I'm back from my most recent sojourn to New England, once again to attend a wedding (and this time to be a groomsman in it). A big shout out to Greg and Carrie Seidman. I'll post more about the weekend eventually, hopefully. There's at least two posts of material there. ;)

Meanwhile, I'm incredibly glad I installed the bayesian blogspam filter when I did. It was only a week or two before I was regularly getting slammed with occasional batches of a couple dozen spams. This weekend, between Thursday afternoon and tonight, I got well over a hundred. Happily, none of them made it out to the public, although one nonspam was temporarily held until I approved it. If any of y'all run a blog and haven't got hit yet, you're lucky---but I don't advise waiting to install some sort of filter.

"Paperwork alone is not really an excuse to press someone into military service. "All-volunteer military" has some ethical weight to go along with its practical benefits; paperwork tricks like this diminish that ethical value." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 11:52pm on 6 Sep 2004
Thanks for the shout out. I was pleased and proud to have you as a groomsman, and you did a great job of MCing. There's just one question: Where are those two posts of material about the weekend? Posted by Greg at 11:16am on 8 Oct 2004
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