August 14, 2004

Corporate sponsorship gone insane

Apparently, people using, eating, or wearing things made by companies other than the official Olympics sponsors are getting a bit extra scrutiny in Athens right now, to the extent that in the midst of a hot Athenian summer, "spectators are also being asked to leave "unlicensed" water bottles."

As a society, we have gone completely, utterly mad. Good heavens.

"The single most important weapon we have against terrorists is international cooperation, and that's what we so stupidly blew in this case." --Molly Ivins

Posted by blahedo at 8:03pm on 14 Aug 2004
Comments So how long before wearing the logo of the corporate sponser is seen as the only moral choice? I have the feeling that raising an unbranded child is going to be more difficult in coming years. Posted by lee at 12:08am on 15 Aug 2004
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