August 03, 2004


Well, there it is, almost 11000 words and 300 pictures (does that therefore total to 311000 words?) about my trip to Barcelona. The kicker is, I'm not even done. I have further notes on three of my excursions: to the Palau, to Sagrada Família, and to the Picasso museum. I haven't typed them up yet, but they're each a full post in their own right.

For now, though, I've put up what I have. They're dated according to when I originally wrote them, not counting subsequent editing (most of which was insertion of pictures and confirmation of spelling).

On pictures: interspersed throughout the travelogue you will see a little text icon that looks like this: (·). If you click on them, they will pop up an image of whatever the text is talking about there. Leave this window open---all the images will be directed to the same window. You're welcome to use "Next" and "Previous" to go through the pics in chronological order, but they're all also linked from the travelogue text, if only in the "other pics from today" section. (Exception: the Sagrada Família pics are not in there, but they'll be linked from their own post eventually.)

On spelling: I've gone over all the foreign words and names to check their spelling (this includes accent marks), but it seems inevitable that I got some wrong. If you find mistakes, tell me---I know how irritating I find it when other people make such errors. :)

So, without further ado, a link to the beginning: Day One.

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Posted by blahedo at 5:37pm on 3 Aug 2004
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