July 05, 2004

Domain issues

Due to an unfortunate chain of events, the blahedo.org domain expired a couple weeks ago and went offline sometime over the weekend. I submitted the renewal this morning, and it should process soon. Oops.

"They don't like you because you make them do what they're supposed to do anyway?"
"No, because I want to eviscerate them." --names withheld

Posted by blahedo at 9:48pm on 5 Jul 2004
People shouldn't go about making alterations to someone else's DNS server without warning or consent, or without understanding that one of the consequences of their actions is to delete every single record in the domain as well as the zone for the domain! Furthermore, they should not insist that having the ability to do something grants them the authority to do so without informing anyone else. Nor should they persist that their action would have no effect, in the face of specific evidence that the domain was deleted and documentation by the manufacturers that the actions that they admit to taking would in fact delete the domain. Finally, if they do delete someones entire domain from DNS, one relied on for active directory, and therefor causing thousands of users not the be able to log in until steps are taken to recover the domain, they should humbly apologise. Posted by name withheld at 7:07am on 6 Jul 2004
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