June 28, 2004

Didja feel it?

I felt my first earthquake about an hour ago! It was weak here---there was a brief creak and then the whole building shook for, like, two seconds. Just long enough to make me pretty sure I hadn't imagined it. Naturally, my first instinct was to post to imsasun, which I did, and about ten minutes later someone confirmed that they'd felt it in Wisconsin, and then a few more from the Chicago area. Meanwhile, the usgs site was not listing anything, even on its "realtime" maps, so about twenty minutes after the quake I filed an "I felt it" form for an "unknown" quake.

About 1:45 the quake went up on the site; apparently it was a 4.5 just outside Ottawa, IL, and the "I felt it" responses are plotted on a map, which is cool.

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Posted by blahedo at 2:06am on 28 Jun 2004
Yeah, I felt it. The whole house shook, but I didn't know what caused it until this morning when I heard it on the news. I also went to the usgs site and filled out an "I felt it" form and you are right, the map is cool. Posted by Dad at 1:55pm on 28 Jun 2004
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