June 26, 2004

Alumni day

I got up bright and early at 6:30 this morning to get an early start on getting to the IAA day. I was about the fourth person there at 9:40, and even by the time it was supposed to start at 10, maybe ten people had showed up. Some things never change. :)

It was nice seeing everybody in person, but there were two real highlights. One was when everyone wanted one of my business cards, and I got to pass them out. The other was at the alumni/faculty tea, when a few of us were chatting with IMSA's CIO, someone mentioned I was a CS professor, and he says, "we're trying to get someone to teach computer science! Why are you at Knox when you could be here?" He's big into getting alumni involved in everything. The icing on this particular cake is that about this time, IMSA's executive director Dr Marshall walks over, and concurs that I should think about teaching at IMSA! And it would be fun for a little while, but I would certainly miss teaching the more advanced stuff, not to mention that the load is heavier (4 classes per term) and I like it here. Maybe during a sabbatical some year.

Anyway, things wound down around 5 and I headed back. The long, boring drive nearly did me in, and I had to stop at the BP in Dixon (well, at the Dixon exit off the Reagan Expressway (hee)) to walk around and get some coffee and a cinnamon roll, which turned out to be really tasty, especially for gas station convenience store food.

On the Jack Ryan debacle: "Becoming the Republican nominee under these circumstances (would be) like having a cancer transplant." --Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-IL)

Posted by blahedo at 9:57pm on 26 Jun 2004
Although I am quite glad that Peter Fitzgerald is on his way out, as I disagree with him on many issues, that quote shows more political wisdom and honesty than I have seen in any republican and most democrats. I also gained some respect for him when I heard him talk about mutual fund frauds. He did a good job explaining what the companies were doing that was both wrong and illegal. Not easy considering that the piece of fluff that was interviewing him had no understanding of the matter. Posted by lee at 12:26am on 28 Jun 2004
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