June 24, 2004

The name game

Some brainstorming on the name thing yielded the following list (including a few from my faithful readership):

  • Being Socially Responsible, Environmentally Concerned, and Politically Informed is Depressing
  • Has the advantage of being true. Rather unwieldy, though.

  • Don in the Parlour with the Candlestick
  • Fred
  • Principle of Laziness
  • Alternately, Principal of Laziness.

  • Procrastination Central
  • Head of the Class
  • Le __ c'est moi
  • I never did figure out how to fill in the blank, but it would have been cute if I could find some word in French or English that started with T or rhymed with "ta" or "tot".

  • Ich bin ein Galesburger
  • Delicious.

  • Public Square Circle
  • Seems like some obscure Java programming reference, but it's actually an obscure Galesburg reference.

  • Blue-Green State
  • Yay ambiguities

  • Anything But "Anyone But"
  • , dammit.

  • Lebvergnügen
  • Volkswagen has for my entire life had the catchiest damn advertising.

  • Vivrevergnügen
  • Say that ten times fast. Heck, say it once.

  • No A/C
  • True on the face of it. Seems to have a deeper meaning, but I'm not sure what.

  • Sweater Sampler
  • Hand Wash Only (Do Not Tumble Dry)
  • Doesn't quite mean anything, but it almost means like four different things.

  • Bread and Cheese
  • Wine and Moses
  • I won't go with this one, but I just wanted to say this would be a great name for a Jewish dinner club.

  • Diamond in the Ruff
  • If only I played bridge more.

  • Purls before spline
  • I don't really do enough graphics work for this one.

  • Not Hawai`i
  • Feuille
  • It means "leaf". It's just a cool word.

  • ...right here in River City
  • With a capital T.

  • El Procrastinador
  • It's a theme in my life. Perhaps you've noticed.

  • Paper House
  • Armchair Activist
  • More true than I'd like, really.

  • My Car is Cuter Than Yours
  • My Dog is Cuter Than Yours
  • Where are the spaceships?
  • Seriously.

  • Who eats anchovies, anyway?
  • Important: Tax Document Enclosed
  • Also would be a great band name.

  • Return Receipt Requested
  • Analog Dinosaur
  • Digital Analogue
  • No Caffeine • Low Sodium
  • Like root beer.

  • Hi Mom
  • That was the original point of the blog, after all.

  • Most Gerrymandered District in the Country
  • Illinois 17th. Check it out.

  • Land of the Free
  • ...sort of.

  • Land of the Free (as in Speech)
  • ... not beer.

  • One Nation Indivisible
  • Think a second, you'll get it.

And I'll probably end up with something not on this list anyway.

"WinFS, advertised as a way to make searching work by making the file system be a relational database, ignores the fact that the real way to make searching work is by making searching work." --Joel Spolsky

Posted by blahedo at 1:43am on 24 Jun 2004
ahhh! Now I have "Ya Got Trouble" stuck in my head. Gee thanks. :P I've been trying to make it go away all week. (Music Man's currently in production at The Raue Center, where I work. Well, at least it's not "Wells Fargo Wagon"... Posted by drlynn at 9:04am on 24 Jun 2004

Thithter! Thithter! Ithn't thith the motht thcrumpthiouth tholid gold thing you ever did thee? I never thought I'd thee anything ath thcrumpthious ath thith thcrumpthiouth tholid gold thing. Oh, thithter!

Yup, still got it.

Posted by blahedo at 11:29am on 24 Jun 2004
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