June 23, 2004

Time for a name change?

The name of my blog is long and unwieldy, and isn't really all that directly related to what I tend to talk about. While still a big part of my life, I rarely blog about either linguistics or dancing. There are a fair number of books (and movies and concerts and such), but that alone doesn't really reflect the main thrust of the thing.

What is the main thrust? Well, in the last 75 entries I've had 11 about politics, 7 about my dog, 13 about school, 12 reviews of stuff I'd read or seen, and just one each about knitting and linguistics. Plus a bunch of other random miscellaneous stuff. I guess I could go the "Politics, School, and..." route, but that doesn't address the "long and unwieldy" problem.

So anyway, right now I'm thinking about what to rename it to. Either something short and relevant, or something short and it's-just-a-name meaningless. (In that last category, by the way, "Bloghedo" has already been considered and rejected, ucchhhh.) The URL will stay the same, of course.

"I really can't trade the hope of liberty for security, sorry. Unfortunately, I get the feeling much of the rest of liberal America is willing to trade my liberty for their security. It's depressing." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 2:08pm on 23 Jun 2004
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Posted by Greg at 2:37pm on 23 Jun 2004
Fred is a good name, you could call it Fred. Posted by lee at 9:52pm on 23 Jun 2004
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