June 14, 2004


Today's accomplishments: I set up spamassassin, collated and filed all my students' projects and exams, and put away all the handouts from the last two terms, preliminary to actually organising my office. On the home front, I'm caught up with all my reading (newspapers and magazines) and have tidied a little bit. My dog is shedding like crazy, but hourly brushing (!) is preventing it from getting all over the apartment.

"The problem with nominating a weak vacillator who puts politics before principle as our standard bearer is that he vacillates and puts politics before principle, and makes us look weak." --Michael Kimmitt

Posted by blahedo at 9:11pm on 14 Jun 2004
Poor pooch! I made a point on friday of giving him a good scratch-and-pet to clean him up a little bit and work some of that out of there. It's amazing, really, that they can drop so much hair and not go bald... Posted by Chelsea at 12:51am on 15 Jun 2004
Keep quoting me, and I'll keep a-readin'. Posted by Kimmitt at 11:26pm on 16 Jun 2004
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