May 28, 2004

Back in the big city

Providence is, unsurprisingly, much as I remember it. Last night I went to a CS department event (their 25th anniversary as a department is this year), and at the banquet they served haricots verts and lamb (or swordfish), with lemon charlotte for dessert. Meanwhile, Eugene showed old pictures of people and made funny comments about them. It was neat; I should've been schmoozing, but I wasn't really up to it, so I just caught up with some people I knew but hadn't seen in a while. We ended up standing outside and talking for about an hour until we were too cold to stay. ;)

Today I'm bouncing around seeing various people, and currently borrowing a spare computer in my old office in the CIT. Fun, fun, fun. :)

On the Afghan King in exile: "I don't see why you people care about someone running a country who didn't win an election. It's not like that doesn't happen in other places." --Kevin Price

Posted by blahedo at 2:37pm on 28 May 2004
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