May 19, 2004

Right now

My dog is methodically licking every square millimetre of the side of my desk chair. I have no idea what is so appealing about it, but he's not easily distracted from the task.

Been busy for the last week, but I do remain alive. (Ah, ha, ha, ha...) Hopefully I'll get around to posting more soon.

"Bush may not have been born stupid, but he has achieved stupidity, and now he wears it as a badge of honor." --Jacob Weisberg

Posted by blahedo at 7:17am on 19 May 2004
Good to read and know you're still there:) Posted by Mom at 3:17pm on 19 May 2004
I can't remember when you have gone this long without posting to your blog. Glad you're doing well. Posted by Dad at 5:42pm on 19 May 2004
I felt a family obligation to post something. :something: :p Posted by sis at 10:58pm on 19 May 2004
This is the first time, actually. I've never before gone so long that everything disappeared off the front page. This is also a first for... all three of you?... posting comments, so it's a good job all around. Posted by blahedo at 12:25am on 20 May 2004
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