May 05, 2004

Cinco de Mayo

I saw the first lightning bugs of the year last night when letting the dog out back. Actually, I don't really remember seeing them for the last few years, what with not really having yards and such.

Obedience school today? Nutmeg was not nearly so bad as last week. Even with all the other dogs there, I was able to keep him attentive to me and and doing what I said. Until, that is, Emily (the instructor) walked up---she had bits of hot dog in her pockets, see, and I just couldn't compete with that kind of hard cash. Clearly I need to go shopping before next week. :)

"We're all condemned to certain death, after which there may or may not be a bonus round." --Cary Tennis

Posted by blahedo at 10:06pm on 5 May 2004
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