April 28, 2004

Flunk Day!

...because what more is there to life, really, than public nudity and drunkenness before 9am? Only a little bit of the former, but a lot of the latter.

We'll see how the rest of the day goes---they certainly picked a perfect day for it---but it seems pleasant so far. I think when I go back to let Nutmeg out, I'll just bring him back with me; dogs are technically not allowed on campus, but then, neither are a lot of the other things that go on today. Given that there will be a petting zoo for the fac/staff kids, a little dog should be a pretty inoffensive addition.

I tell you what, though: I'm glad I didn't stay up late working to finish (or start, as may be) my lecture for second hour today. Not least because, having gotten up at 7 to work on that, I was able to get in by 8:45 to witness the mud pit debauchery (which, to be sure, was a little scary, as I was never 100% sure that some enterprising student wouldn't decide to toss me into the pit, but it was still fun to watch).

"Don't look at me as if you've never stuck a finger in a guy's ass!" --Dan Savage

Posted by blahedo at 11:37am on 28 Apr 2004
to be sure what? Posted by lee at 6:29am on 29 Apr 2004
Oops, sorry about that. It got cut off somehow. Fixed, now. Posted by blahedo at 9:08am on 29 Apr 2004
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