April 01, 2004

With catlike tread

My dog has just discovered how to climb up and walk along the back of my couch. This gives him a great view out the window, even when he lays down (on the back of the couch).

I'm beginning to wonder if I have a mouse or something back there, because he discovered this tactic in a relentless effort to get at what's under/behind my couch. I've looked a couple times, with no result, but he's really persistent. It's freaking me out a bit, to be honest.

"I'm trying to keep her from killing your wife!" --Will Parker
"Mind your own business!" --Ali Hakim, "Oklahoma!"

Posted by blahedo at 8:41pm on 1 Apr 2004
Don't be worried; he is clearly trying to emulate the behavior of the vastly superior cat. Next thing you know, you'll have hairballs in your shoes... Posted by drlynn at 9:49pm on 1 Apr 2004
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