March 18, 2004

Yeah, that's what I thought

It started out as me being lazy and not getting out of the apartment much. And then, I became curious: just how much facial hair could I grow out in a week?

The verdict: not much. After a week of growth, at six feet you can just make out a greyness where a mustache would go, and the occasional light glinting off a light hair in what would be a goatee. This all has to do with me having A) very fine hair and B) very thin hair. Also, I'm only 25.

So all the people that have been telling the CS faculty that either John should grow his hair long or I should grow a goatee? It's all on John, folks. I'm already becoming the eccentric professor, I don't have to look scruffy, too. :)

"But, but wonky makes me happy. I'm into wonky. It's a thing." --Greg Seidman

Posted by blahedo at 11:59pm on 18 Mar 2004
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