March 16, 2004

Seems reminder-worthy to me

There's a lot of stuff that comes over the faculty-staff distribution list here at Knox. Probably an average of three or four messages a day; for a wide variety of things. I'm forever getting announcements of something for sale, or no longer for sale; or of talks or shows or masseuses (not kidding), usually with one or two reminders following on the first one.

So with all the inconsequential crap that comes down over the wire (which I don't mind, really), you'd think something like "final deadline for handing in grades" would rate more than a line in the middle of a paragraph in a list of assorted announcements from the registrar, a week before the deadline. At the very least, it would seem to suggest a message the day before along the lines of "Remember, grades are due at noon tomorrow!" Especially since last term, grades weren't due until something like two weeks after the end of finals.

At least I was in my office (grading!) to get the call at 1pm from the registrar's office asking where my grades were. I'm not sure what they would've done if I hadn't been here. Send email, I guess. I'm just glad I was "on top of things" enough relative to my presumed deadline of Friday that I was able to hurriedly wrap it up in about two hours and submit them. *whew*

"You should have stuck to your original petty war against the Saudis and, perhaps, you would have brought some change for the better there. Instead, you brought wretchedness to proud but hungry and abused Afghans, with your empty slogans and your money, and showed them a new hell where bombs and chocolates fall from the skies." --Izzat Majeed, open letter to Osama bin Laden

Posted by blahedo at 3:34pm on 16 Mar 2004
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