March 15, 2004

Why I like the Honor Code

When I'm grading, if I run across a paragraph that sounds like surprisingly well-written academese, I get to say, "good work, they've nailed the mode of writing". I don't have a responsibility to, in fact I have a responsibility not to, go checking textbooks and online sources to see if they "borrowed" it from somewhere. Other places, even if I wanted to believe the student capable of it, I'd kind of feel like I had to check. Here, I can blithely assume there's nothing out of place. It's heartening, really.

Also, it's been snowing on and off all day, but a couple hours ago it started sticking; there's a couple inches on the ground now. It's supposed to keep snowing on and off for the next two days. I knew there was another serious snowfall awaiting us this winter.

"As for God, the guy invented the penis. He's gotta be pretty comfortable with it." --Kevin Audleman

Posted by blahedo at 11:37pm on 15 Mar 2004
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