March 06, 2004

Book readers

I've now listened to enough books on tape that I'm starting to recognise some of the readers. The current one, one Scott Brick, is great for Russian spy novels, but apparently the only accent he can do is Russian. This works less well in a novel with Spanish, Basque, German and Danish.... For the Danish guys, he can't seem to decide between Russian and bad Swedish, bad Scottish, and bad English accents. Gauuugghh.

Folks, He Isn't Kidding: "I need to keep up on all sorts of interests that might make me want to discriminate against people! It's a lot of work, but someone needs to do it, or else we'd have peace, love, and fellowship for all mankind." --Mark Hardwidge

Posted by blahedo at 11:36pm on 6 Mar 2004
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