March 04, 2004

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I saw Lysistrata tonight---the Knox rep term folks put it on. What a howler. First of all, when they say "explicit sexual content", your first inclination may be "yeah, yeah", but boy howdy, they ain't kidding! Anyway, Lysistrata herself was really well played, but three other actors stole scenes. The Spartans were played as having Russian accents (and Sparta itself being run as a Soviet commune, five year plans and all), and Lampito and the Spartan Herald really pulled it off. The real scene stealer, though, was the leader of the old women. She had a bunch of awesome lines, and her accent, tone, and delivery were perfect.

The whole thing was just really funny, though. And topical social commentary, too!

'It should be a movie. A movie musical, in fact. That entire first book of Samuel screams out, "MAKE ME INTO AN EPIC. INCLUDE AN INTROSPECTIVE BALLAD."' --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 10:13pm on 4 Mar 2004
Hee hee. I saw you! I think a lot of people agree with you - Allison is just fantastic. I can't help but wonder how many people miss the cold war references.... Posted by drlynn at 12:35am on 5 Mar 2004
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