March 03, 2004

Food fair!

What a cool idea. Today Knox invited a bunch of potential vendors to come to the Oak Room and serve bite-size portions of their food products to the Knox community. The Knox community, in turn, was given checklists of all these items to say if they liked or disliked them, and to give comments on them. A free lunch for everyone, and we actually get good food that passed our taste tests in the C-Store, the Gizmo, and in the Caf (not that I really eat in the Caf ever, but the students certainly do!)

"Why do I get the feeling that, though these are on the list of things which, like humping the wall, the window, or your wife in public when shnockered, endear you to your friends, your wife may not necessarily appreciate them on a day-to-day basis?" --Liz Chilton

Posted by blahedo at 2:28pm on 3 Mar 2004
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