February 15, 2004

Project grading

Oh, how I loathe grading projects. Actually, once I really get going with them I'm ok; if I let myself do just a little bit at a time, it's no good, though. I procrastinate them worse than almost anything else. But now, finally, I've finished grading 141's project 1. (One of you 141 lurkers that read this blog should remind me to hand them back on Monday.)

Now I just need to grade exams for both classes and projects 1 and 2 for 395. Hopefully they'll go better.

"If the company that invents a cure for AIDS is expected to make their money back in 17 years, why can't we ask the same of the company that markets big-titted lip-syncing chicks and goddamn cartoon mice?" --Tackhead

Posted by blahedo at 1:28am on 15 Feb 2004
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