February 13, 2004

Web work

I think all the web work I've ever done in my life has been while putting off some other thing. Anyway, I finally got around to moving my main homepage to the blahedo.org site, which I've been meaning to do for months and months now. There's still a little bit of content hanging out on cs.brown.edu, but it's mostly here now and the rest will come over soon. In honour of the event, I've changed the pages' colour to green (the last major page redesign in spring term 2002 was accompanied by a colour change as well, from the original blue to red).

I can't decide if I like it though. It's certainly different. I may just change it back in a few days if the weirdness doesn't seem to be fading.

"The only thing worse than a religious hypocrite is an irreligious hypocrite." --Fr Henry Bodah

Posted by blahedo at 8:12pm on 13 Feb 2004
I like this better than the red scheme, FWIW. Posted by William at 12:41am on 14 Feb 2004
I think I actually liked the red better. Posted by kwatz at 3:12pm on 16 Feb 2004
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