February 12, 2004

Let's hear it for long memories

I wasn't born yet in 1971, and so it's difficult for me to know the sorts of things people said back then. Thank goodness for social commentators who keep track---two different ones, both of whom submit their commentary long in advance, both managed to remember and call our attention to a comment made by Senator Kerry 33 years ago. In today's Doonesbury and today's Molly Ivins column, we read that he hit the national stage as a Vietnam protestor, saying, "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"


Continuing on the subject of Senator Kerry: Today's Drudge Report, that bastion of unbiased reporting, broke a story that Kerry had a recent affair with some woman. Is it true? I don't really care. I feel bad for Mrs. Kerry, I guess, but I don't think it reflects on his abilities as a politician. (I diss his abilities as a politician on their own merits, thanks.) However, it reminds me of a wish bordering on a prayer that I have about this election: I devoutly hope that any stuff like this, if it's going to come out anytime before the second of Novermber, will come out right fucking now. About Kerry, Dean, Edwards, or anybody else. The very last thing that anyone needs is a controversy about the Democratic nominee. If we have to go through this, at least let us ride it out now....

"They all eventually get old and rattley. Everything eventually gets old and rattley, even real live sex partners, so why be so judgemental about some battery operated plastic?" --Leigh Anne Wilson

Posted by blahedo at 8:39pm on 12 Feb 2004
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