February 02, 2004

Biking weather

Now this is biking weather. Twenty degrees, two inches of snow on the ground and at least half an inch on most streets, with it still coming down. Everybody is bundled up in their houses and the snow muffles sound anyway, so it's dead silent. Awesome.

In other news, my sweater is totally done now. I washed it and blocked it (which helped immensely on the fit, unsurprisingly), and tried it on again. Like I said, boy howdy is it ever warm. I'm suddenly getting insight into how people could possibly live without modern heating and insulation---duh, they wore wool sweaters. Anyway, I took it off when I caught myself petting it (I have to assume that all knitters do that on at least their first sweater---the cabling in particular is irresistible). And now it sits on my shelf. I'll have to wear it later this week.

"All daytime events were properly referred to as "morning" ones, regardless of the time; morning calls, for example, always took place in the afternoon. "Morning" simply meant any time before evening; any party that wasn't a "soirée" was a "matinée". The word, from the French for morning, survives in America to designate an afternoon theatrical performance. Don't ever say that Miss Manners never taught you anything." --Miss Manners

Posted by blahedo at 9:48pm on 2 Feb 2004
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