January 29, 2004

Biking through the frigid snow

Man oh man. I got so many environmentalist points today---biking in the cold is one thing, and biking in the snow is one thing, but biking in the cold snow is something else entirely. You have to go slow (because of the snow) and so the cold has much longer to act.

I've said before that when I lived in Providence, I biked every day, cold, snow, whatever. Today it occurred to me that it doesn't actually get this cold in Providence. Quite the revelation, really.

"This is exactly why I have a hunting dog. He is all over alerting me to any animals in the house, especially the ones on tv." --Jonathan Wagner

Posted by blahedo at 11:27pm on 29 Jan 2004
Thing I've learned: Buy fenders. They keep your clothing . . . non-filthy. Posted by Kimmitt at 3:51am on 30 Jan 2004
Fenders... yeah, I guess. It never really was a problem in Providence, again with the biking every day. Conveniently, I carry a satchel on my back, which catches the brunt of the gunk on muddy days. Posted by blahedo at 2:13am on 1 Feb 2004
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