January 08, 2004


I woke up and my watch said 10:26.

This was not an error; it was, in fact, 10:26. AM, even.

That gave me slightly under fourteen minutes to get to school and in the lab. Somehow, I made it. Boy, I haven't done that in years. I'm actually kind of impressed that I made it on time. Three or four students were a few minutes late, and I don't think they really understood why I laughed it off. :)

"We have to pretend problems don't exist. Gets difficult when there are odours involved." --Tom, "Daria"

Posted by blahedo at 12:02pm on 8 Jan 2004
Back when I was in school, we expected professors to be late to class. :) Posted by kelly at 12:51pm on 8 Jan 2004
Yes, but on the third day of class? Posted by blahedo at 2:43pm on 8 Jan 2004
If you set the precedent early, then you can get away with it later on and nobody will think anything of it. :) Posted by kelly at 6:50pm on 8 Jan 2004
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