December 19, 2003

Reviews are in

I just picked up my course reviews, and they were awesome. With ten respondents, all of whom answered every question, I did better than the faculty average in almost every category. One person seemed to not like me for whatever reason (to the point of disagreeing with the objectively true statement "Prof was available during office hours"), and if you discount his responses, I do even better. :) Now I can't wait to get the typed-up long-answer responses!

"A smooth plain of glass would make a nice Holy Land IMO. Give people something to look at, and contemplate what happens when so many people are mean, dumb idiots about one particular place." --Eva Schillace
"You know what, I really thought people would stop saying things like this after 9/11. But I guess now I know how long it takes to forget the existence of innocent bystanders---three days short of six months. I should write that down." --Casey Westerman

Posted by blahedo at 2:30pm on 19 Dec 2003
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