December 11, 2003

Day cancelled

Yesterday I got up and had breakfast with Becky, went to my research group meeting, had lunch with Sharon, sorted a semester's worth of unforwarded mail, got coffee with Hilary, and then hung out all evening with Theresa, where I showed off my knitting and continued on my current project.

Today was cancelled.

I got back to campus around 11 and came back to 166, and everyone was up and nobody wanted to do anything. The transition from best thing about Providence winters to worst thing about Providence winters was complete---it was cold and raining all day. So we sat in the kitchen and talked, pretty much all day. Rob pulled out his poker chips and we played Texas Hold'Em for a while; I was doing best for a while until Caroline, Coree, and Rob all went all in, Caroline won it, and neither of us felt like duking it out to the finish. Then we sat around some more, and eventually got a late dinner at Kartabar for Claudia's birthday, followed by an incredibly rich chocolate mousse back here and more sitting around and talking. Perfect, really.

And tomorrow I'm going up to Boston for the weekend. No clue what I'll do there, but Matt will at least provide me a floor to sleep on, so it's all good.

"It's not that I didn't like her, it's just that I found her really annoying." --Rob Hunter

Posted by blahedo at 11:56pm on 11 Dec 2003
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