November 25, 2003


I was just downright inspired for dinner tonight. In one pan, I set a bit of oil to heating, and dumped in a small complement of tater tots (ten or so), and in another I set some butter to melting, and dumped in some of the veggies I've frozen in the last few days. Simple, right? But then, as the taters started to fry, I had an idea and cut a few thin slices of the onion dill bread I bought Sunday, and put them in with the taters. Then, I added some concentrated chicken broth to the veggies, along with some wondra and then, after that started to bubble again, a touch of soymilk.

So I had cream-of-mixed-veggie soup, fried bread, and tater tots. The bread was able to soak up the soup while remaining crunchy. The soup itself had just the faintest of soy flavours enhancing the mix. All in all, an excellent dinner, and boy howdy was it ever fast. I'll have to remember this one.

Other stuff update: two more loads of laundry done (up to 3 of 5); one more problem graded (up to 3 of 8).

"Maybe this summer I'll get some balls and put on a skirt." --Zach Miller

Posted by blahedo at 6:30pm on 25 Nov 2003
Who is Zach Miller? Posted by Kelly at 10:01pm on 25 Nov 2003
Friend of mine, went to IMSA (though we didn't quite overlap). I believe the context of the quote was a discussion about how comfortable various types of clothing were, Zach mentioning that he always thought broomstick skirts looked supremely comfortable, though he'd never tried wearing one. Posted by blahedo at 2:01am on 26 Nov 2003
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