November 25, 2003


How can I procrastinate?

Well, discovering Adult Swim was an excellent start. Scott Harris commented that it was good to see animation finally come into its own; he's exactly right. This stuff is great. It's a mix in equal parts of dubbed anime, rerun American animation, and original projects.

On a related note, although I disapprove of SUVs on general principle (except in those exceedingly rare cases where they actually are the right tool for the job), I have to say that I enjoy the Dodge Durango commercials immensely.

"Men don't automatically get homemakers who tend to their kids' every need when their sperm finds fertile women. I don't think that women should get fat paychecks for their children simply because a sperm fertilizes their egg." --Christie Babinski

Posted by blahedo at 12:07am on 25 Nov 2003
I have to admit that I really love the Brak Show, strange and perverted as it is. Posted by Kelly at 9:29pm on 25 Nov 2003
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