November 23, 2003


Acceptable pre-Thanksgiving outdoor lighting:

  • year-round floodlights
  • white strands of lights on bare deciduous trees in commercial districts

Unacceptable pre-Thanksgiving:

  • icicle lights
  • lights on evergreens
  • lights in the form of a star, a cross, or any message
  • any coloured lights

I know you want to put out your Christmas decorations, but WAIT UNTIL THANKSGIVING, PEOPLE. Sheesh.

"I've recently started using a Mac (where right click is actually Ctrl click) and now I have to put my coffee down to create an object. This is a serious problem, obviously." --Sebastian Hunt

Posted by blahedo at 1:32pm on 23 Nov 2003
Totally unrelated to the post, but congrats on teaching your first full undergraduate course! w00t! ;-) Posted by Chris at 4:26pm on 23 Nov 2003
But the black light on the porch made the costumes look awsome. Posted by lee at 11:33pm on 23 Nov 2003
What about purple Halloween lights? We have a few strands of those. I've also seen pastel Easter lights. Posted by Kelly Martin at 11:34pm on 23 Nov 2003
Hm. You're right about the black light, they're just cool and belong on the "acceptable" list. I'll provisionally grant permission to strands of orange-and-purple for Halloween, since these probably couldn't easily be mistaken for Christmas lights. Pastel Easter lights sound dubious for a variety of reasons. Posted by blahedo at 10:48am on 24 Nov 2003
They sound dubious? I haven't heard musical Easter lights yet, but I'd think they would sound happy not dubious. Posted by lee at 9:29pm on 25 Nov 2003
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