November 21, 2003

Quotes from CS141

I never really thought of myself as particularly witty or quotable (for all that I love taking down quotes from other people), but a couple of my students disagreed---they wrote down funny stuff I said all term and one of them presented it to me at the end of the term. I'm glad I was such a bright spot in her day. ;) Read on for the actual quotes.

"When you are looking to someone else for help, that does not necessarily rule out yourself. Wow, that's like a social message or something." -- D. Blaheta

"We're not lazy in this class. Except when we are." -- D. Blaheta

"Fortunately, I didn't say 'Write something that makes sense.'" -- D. Blaheta

"And why are we making this private?" -- D. Blaheta
"Because it has to do with money!" --D. Porter
"Or not..." --D. Blaheta

"And then there were some other examples of... creative instruction following." --D. Blaheta

"You don't have to whisper. I AM trying to elicit a response. Prefer you'd not yell, but right now I'd take anything." --D. Blaheta

"Meef! Foo!" --D. Blaheta

"Constructors are methods. They're just... special." --D. Blaheta

"And that worked! ... less well than I had hoped..." -- D. Blaheta

"Syntactic sugar? Did he just say syntactic sugar? Yes he did!" -- D. Blaheta

"No, I swear, it is a technical term." -- D. Blaheta

"Can I put it in my tea?" -- D. Porter
"Your syntactical tea." -- L. Barrett
"I- I- really don't have a better response than that." -- D. Blaheta

"Some colours of chalk squeal. Others don't. Green is bad!" -- D. Blaheta

"The stick people. That was the start of the badness." -- D. Blaheta

"This is not actually all that interesting. Well... whatever." -- D. Blaheta

"There's sometimes repetition in this class. But only if it's good for you." -- D. Blaheta

"Okay we can name the method god. Now, how does god make different types of people? No, I'm sorry, I have to rename this method." --D. Blaheta

"I started to write this and then I realized how it would turn out. That was pleasing to me." -- D. Blaheta

"Why?" --D. Blaheta
"Because you would." --J. Budds
"That's always a good answer." -- D. Blaheta

"Super is actually even more special than this." --D. Blaheta

"We also have to do something with this variable. But that's just not interesting anymore." -- D. Blaheta

"You forgot your void." -- J. Weinstein

"So once again, we return to the principle of laziness." -- D. Blaheta

"Let's actually do a helpful example." -- D. Blaheta

"It's name's fi- whoops!" -- D. Blaheta

"Okay, now we have a reset button... duhn duh duhn duhn!" -- D. Blaheta

"It could be transparent orange or transparent white. I don't know. I can't tell!" -- D. Blaheta

"You wrote them all as base, not as sides." -- J. Weinstein
"That's because all your base are belong to setColor." -- L. Barrett

"You just like messing with our heads!" --D. Porter
"I really do! It's one of the perks of this job." -- D. Blaheta

"There are rectangles out there that are OrangeGreenBoxes, namely the OrangeGreenBoxes. But there are also rectangles that are not OrangeGreenBoxes." --D. Blaheta

"If it did that, we'd get into an infinite thing." -- D. Blaheta

"Hey calculator, someone pressed a button <scary eyebrow raise> I'm not gonna tell you what it was!" -- D. Blaheta

"I'm going to wait until you're all done writing that, cause I'm not going to have your attention till then." --D. Blaheta

"Yes! Exactly the same! And you know what that means: helper methods! Now you've hit one of my buttons! Right?" -- D. Blaheta

"If I press '123' what will it be?" --D. Blaheta
"Dr. Seuss." --D. Porter
"Right! Haha! Wait, what? I didn't even get that?" -- D. Blaheta

"Coloured chalk is certainly the highlight of my day!" -- D. Blaheta

"I have two reactions to that 'Oh is that all?' and 'Oh is that all?'" -- D. Blaheta

"This is very interesting. Well, sort of interesting." -- D. Blaheta

"Judging by your faces, that is... clear as mud..." -- D. Blaheta

"Yeah I know. I'm so fickle." -- D. Blaheta

"I'm a plus sign!" -- D. Blaheta

"Equals is not just a string thing." -- D. Blaheta

"Yeah, I know, I lead you into all of these traps." -- D. Blaheta

"This is a nonsense class." -- D. Blaheta

"What do you put in u?" -- D. Blaheta

"I hate you ALL." -- D. Blaheta

"If you don't stop saying that, I'm going to turn so red I'll look like a tomato." --L. Barrett
<Holding up a piece of red chalk> "Or an object!!!" --D. Blaheta

<With a sing-song voice> "I'm lazier than you are!" -- D. Blaheta

"You might have a hard time in the forthcoming... stuff." -- D. Blaheta

"Curse you and your mind games!" --D. Porter

"For now we are assuming this doesn't exist 'cause... it's hard." -- D. Blaheta

"Those is the test cases." -- D. Blaheta

"I heart while isFruity true." -- D. Porter

"Clobber, by the way, is a technical term." -- D. Blaheta
"About as technical as 'bang'." -- D. Porter

"Dooby dooby do while loops." -- D. Porter

"It's useful, but I don't have time for it." -- D. Blaheta

"Well, I could just be being mean, but not this time." -- D. Blaheta

"That's complicated, I don't wanna do that." -- D. Blaheta

"If it does equals the obj <obj pronounced phonetically>." -- D. Blaheta

"I really have no motivation to introduce this, but this seems like the best place for it." -- D. Blaheta

"We can talk about this again when we get to the other side of the board." -- D. Blaheta

"If z does not equal q, then something has gone horribly, horribly wrong." -- D. Blaheta

"I was racking my brain to come up with a useful example and I couldn't." -- D. Blaheta

"Get your iterative juices flowing!" -- D. Blaheta

<pointing at board> "That hurts." -- D. Porter
"You'd better believe it!" -- D. Blaheta

"How am I going to write this while loop?" -- D. Blaheta
"Very carefully." --D. Porter
"With chalk" -- J. Budds
"Both good answers, but inadequate." -- D. Blaheta

"Approximately i-ish to the twoth." -- D. Blaheta

"You could have an array of lists. You could have an array of arrays. You could get totally out of control." -- D. Blaheta

"Other languages will just silently do something bizarre." -- D. Blaheta

"I have you guys so well trained." -- D. Blaheta

"So, new... what am I doing?" -- D. Blaheta

"Computer dorks come up with the best terminology!" -- D. Blaheta

"Stuff. That's a technical term. No it's not." -- D. Blaheta

"I'm very offended by that, and I am not going to let you compile." -- D. Blaheta

"Seriously, this is the first time I've done this, so be brutally honest." -- D. Blaheta

Posted by blahedo at 12:25pm on 21 Nov 2003
Wow, you AND Mr. Porter in the same classroom. Crazy! Do you know yet if you're going to be teaching 142 in the spring, by any chance? Posted by Chelsea at 8:45pm on 21 Nov 2003
Nope, Dooley's teaching 142 both in Winter and Spring. Thinking of taking it? Posted by blahedo at 10:45am on 24 Nov 2003
I'm jealous; none of *my* students compiled a quotesfile. Posted by Kimmitt at 4:50pm on 25 Nov 2003
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