November 01, 2003

Farmer in the Sky

I knew that Robert Heinlein had written some YA fiction in his day, and I'd even read some of his novels that I later found out were part of that group. This is the first one that I pegged as such from the start: Farmer in the Sky is an adventure told from the perspective of a boy about 14 years old. Aside from reading like a piece of Boy Scout recruiting propaganda, it was a fun read; Bill, the protagonist, gets to adventure out as a pioneer settling on Ganymede, with all of Heinlein's usual attention to the various scientific details of the thing. Plotwise, a bit formulaic. But still worth reading.

"That sounds like a product of the great game of telephone that much American Protestant theology seems to have become." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 12:22am on 1 Nov 2003
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