October 29, 2003

More about my bed

It's really weird sleeping so close to the ground.

As I think back, I've slept on my loft for over eight years now, nearly a third of my life, excluding comparatively brief vacations at home or elsewhere. But now my regular bed, the one I sleep on every night, is a regular old bed, at a normal height, and feels odd. (Not to mention big---it's only a full, but I don't even know what to do with all that extra room.)

Also lethal: sleeping within reach of the alarm clock. This is something I haven't even done on vacations (since usually the alarm clock was elsewhere in the room, at least) in many years. It's making it really hard to get up in the morning. I guess I'll figure something out, but boy, I wasn't expecting my acquisition of a new bed to require so much adaptation on my part. :P

"But Ronnie is nothing if not the original Company Boy. He has been tenured into the marrow of the system; he is Hollywood's dearest, most faithful mediocre son, and last night [Oscars 2002] they gave him the party they've been tacitly promising him since 1978." --Cintra Wilson

Posted by blahedo at 12:10pm on 29 Oct 2003
Where by "inaccessible" you mean "occupied"? Posted by chaos at 8:13pm on 4 Nov 2003
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