October 17, 2003

BMW bastard

Remember the asshole I had to deal with at the BMW dealership in order to get my Mini? Turns out that on top of everything else, he lied to me about not being able to process my request for a personalised enviro plate. I found the following quote online: "The dealership where you purchase your vehicle can apply for vanity or personalized license plates on your behalf for a first-time registration." Wish I'd seen that before he fed me his line. I'm sending the following letter to my guy Chuck at the Mini dealership:

Regarding the service: I have nothing but positive things to say about you and the other people I met in the Mini dealership; but that guy at the BMW office that I had to deal with for the financing was just awful. I understand that you make more money if I finance through you, and I appreciate that, but he spent the time I was in there talking down to me, dissing my bank and condescendingly acting as if I were an idiot for not wanting to save a few bucks a month. (I remember he said, in reference to a nonrefundable fee my bank charged: "so they have you paying them to loan you money? Some racket." As if that's not what a loan is in the first place.) When he was trying to sell me the extended warranty, he refused to tell me how much its cost would go up if I bought it later---not just exactly, he wouldn't give me any estimate whatsoever. Had I walked in off the street to buy an in-stock car, I probably would have walked out at this point. And then he flat-out lied to me about my license plates, claiming that I wasn't allowed to get personalised environmental plates on a new car---which is false---and that he'd be fined if he tried it---also false---and that to get them I would turn my initial plates in and they would refund their cost---also false. I just talked to the Secretary of State's office, and apparently there's nothing I can do but wait for my initial plates, then apply for new ones and pay a replating fee.

I suppose it's possible that he actually didn't know how much the warranty would go up, and didn't know that he was allowed to let me apply for personal/enviro plates; in which case he's not shady, but merely incompetent. Not exactly a glowing recommendation.

Makes me so damn mad.

"Do you ever wonder if the "Christ of Scripture" is really worth following? I think some folks get sold on the happy-go-lucky Christ as children, on the simple premise that such a Christ is totally worth following, and then turn their thoughts to various other possibly evil Christs later in life, out of devotion to the name." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 3:24pm on 17 Oct 2003
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