October 11, 2003

Midwestern names

We're still out in the boonies just west of Plano, but we just passed a car dealership owned by someone named "Gjøvik". This is at least slightly remarkable because the big lit-up sign outside the dealership actually said "GJØVIK".

Posted by blahedo at 9:30am on 11 Oct 2003
Yeah, there were always a smattering of people in Ottawa who bought cars from them; I guess Sandwich isn't _that_ far away. The same guy owns the Apache dealership that's right down 34; their ads used to be sort of racist in a Chief Illiniwek kind of way. I've always gotten a kick out of that pairing, though; who would have thought of putting Scandinavians and the Apache Nation together? Posted by Kevin at 11:48pm on 11 Oct 2003
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