September 24, 2003

Still no landline...

...and the only thing I miss is getting to check my answering machine when I get home every day.

Today I was busy: I finally filed for my moving allowance, I deposited three surprise checks (one was a partial refund for my last month of landline in Providence; one was a rebate check on my cell phone; and one was my security deposit refund from the house in Providence), I called and ordered new contacts---and faxed them the insurance form, and I got approved for an auto loan.

And I hadn't been planning to make a Dean contribution this month (it being kind of tight since I haven't gotten a Knox paycheck yet), but with all that unbudgeted money, I figured, what the heck. And since Mike recently reminded us of his Dean fundraising page, I donated through that instead of the main page. (I wonder if my donation counts towards the main bats too, though?)

So, like I said, full day. Now I have to cook dinner and set up my VCR; I'm going to go crash the Knox Democrats meeting at 7:30, and after much deliberation I decided I would at least give a Sorkin-less West Wing one chance, so I'll stick around after the meeting for watching the season premiere on a big projector.

"[19th-century ministers] were also the self-appointed custodians of education, which must not be allowed to escape from theological leading strings. They were as much concerned with keeping schools and colleges free from religious heresy as modern business men are to purge them of political heresy." --Earnest Elmo Calkins, They Broke the Prairie (1937)

Posted by blahedo at 5:27pm on 24 Sep 2003
It counts. -M Posted by Kimmitt at 5:55pm on 24 Sep 2003
Yeah, I figured. yay! Posted by blahedo at 6:14pm on 24 Sep 2003
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