September 19, 2003


This is Homecoming weekend for the high school in town, and I inadvertently just caught the parade. I had decided I wasn't getting much done and to come home, and I got to Main St just as it was starting. They closed down the main road through town at 4 in the afternoon and marched down it; first the marching band, then a ton of sports teams and clubs (including the Deutscher Klub in a VW convertible). Lots of antique cars. Someone must have known someone, because the football team went by in three humongous military vehicles driven by reservists.

At the end were the floats. Rather than decorate one area of the school building, each class designed a float for this parade. (I can only assume that someone judged them and each class got Homecoming Week Points for them, like we did.) Preceding each class's float was a car with the attendant couple from that class; and at the end were several senior attendant couples, and the very last car was, of course, the Homecoming King and Queen. Their names were on a poster on the side:


I love my small town.

"No, no, Bush isn't a Nazi, but he's related to Nazi sympathisers. His family laundered money for them. His fortune comes from, among other places, my great-uncle's gold tooth." --Dan Lieberman

Posted by blahedo at 4:35pm on 19 Sep 2003
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