September 02, 2003

Home (and office) improvement

I didn't get much work work done today (too much time spent on getting keys and IDs and health insurance (oh my!)), but I was very productive on the unpacking front. I unloaded several suitcases of clothes (and sheets and blankets (oh my!)), and perhaps more importantly, installed my plant hangers, hung my plants, and assembled my loft and dresser, and the Kimmitts' bed-and-dresser set. Which is a lovely antique, by the way, and they should come visit me and sleep on it. :) Anyway, getting all that stuff put together created a ton of space, since now I don't have pieces of everything lying everywhere. Also, I don't have to sleep on the couch anymore; my bed's on the loft and has at least fourteen inches of clearance.

Now I'm engaged in a commando mission to drill some holes in my office furniture. Why? Well, I want to run ethernet cables behind the shelving units, but they'll be flush against the wall. And tomorrow morning, some guys from Facilities will be coming to bolt them to the wall; they'll need to be pulled out a bit in order for me to get my drill in there. But the real reason I'm doing it tonight instead of, say, earlier today, is that I suspect this sort of thing is supposed to only be done by Facilities. I'd worry about confessing it here, but I suspect that nobody from Facilities will be reading my blog. ;)

"Are we talking morose, effeminate, homoerotic vampire, disfigured, bloodsucking freak vampire, brooding, distinguished European royalty vampire, Blackula vampire, or something else altogether?" --Maciej Babinski

Posted by blahedo at 10:48pm on 2 Sep 2003
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