August 28, 2003

Same old song

More procrastination. I'm telling you, this is the worst it's ever been. It's like Zeno's thesis---have I made this comparison before?---and the closer it gets to completion, the harder I find it to do work. It's so close (which is good, since I plan to turn it in tomorrow (today) at 3:30).

Perhaps relatedly, I'm astonished at the extent to which I just don't care about little things that a month or two ago I would've been totally perfectionist about. Ah well.

Unrelatedly, Rob has been playing with the coolest geek toy ever. His new cell phone, in addition to being a phone and a camera, is Bluetooth-enabled; and with a free client on his iBook and an $8 program on his phone, he can use the phone as a remote control for iTunes, iDVD, or anything else. He can press buttons from across the room to go to the next or previous song, or up the volume, or mute the thing, or turn on the visualiser, or anything you can write AppleScript for. You can also trigger stuff to happen when the phone moves into or out of range, and when the phone rings... so when you walk away from the computer, you can have it automagically turn off the music and activate the screensaver. And it'll come back on when you walk back in. And if the phone rings, you can have it mute the volume while you take the call.

It's geek heaven!

"Why are you so defensive about this? I like that you have neat cool impractical things." --Angela Feraco

Posted by blahedo at 12:33am on 28 Aug 2003
That's so awesome. (iBooks have Bluetooth?) I wonder if they sell little bluetooth keychains or something. Posted by Chris at 7:21pm on 28 Aug 2003
They don't come with it---he has a little dongle for his USB port. We discussed the possibility of bluetooth keychains, though; talk about your cool remote controls. Posted by blahedo at 10:59pm on 1 Sep 2003
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