August 21, 2003

Caps and gowns and hoods (oh my)

Apparently, Brown does not normally rent Brown masters regalia except for its own events. Meaning that the Brown regalia sits in a warehouse (in Chicago, of all places) most of the time. Anyway, the nice lady at the bookstore agreed that under the circumstances it was reasonable (since the next formal event after this convocation I'll have my PhD robes), and took my credit card number so she could charge me full price if I lost them or whatever; apparently the company normally prefers two weeks' notice, so it'll be tight (the convocation is three weeks hence), but should be possible.

So I'll get one more time to march in the masters robes. And this time I get to wear a hood---apparently Brown regalia does have hoods, it's just that they don't wear them in ceremony because one isn't entitled to wear them until the degree is conferred. (PhDs aren't even allowed to wear their hoods in advance---they carry them around until the ceremony, and then are hooded by a dean whent the degree is conferred.) And I'll have the only brown robes---Brown robes are brown instead of black, go figure---in the place! :)

"It is shocking to me how often I hear from people who think there are secret messages imbedded in otherwise straightforward and polite invitations. "No gifts, please" doesn't mean "The Luftwaffe strikes at dawn; please send some pretty candlesticks immediately."" --Amy Dickinson

Posted by blahedo at 4:37pm on 21 Aug 2003
Just wait'll you see the purple and gold Knox robes; they rule. If Knox gave out PhDs, I'd stay just to be able to wear them. Posted by Chris at 4:46pm on 22 Aug 2003
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