August 11, 2003


Just finished reading Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman. Outstanding. Mostly I tend to prefer high fantasy---takes place in a world that bears no relation to our own---but this is a juicy morsel of low fantasy that had me unable to put the book down after about halfway through. By low fantasy I mean the sort of magic-among-us tales that take place in cities that are more or less real, but involve some fantasy elements, like magic... in this case, an entire parallel city, London Below, inhabited by all those folks that are practically invisible to the more "respectable" nine-to-five crowd.

I can't really say much more about it without giving away plot elements. It's a really well-crafted story that keeps you guessing at all times---how does this other world work again? And who went where with the what now? Eh?

Fun book. Really should have been unloading my car and packing stuff, but it's been so long since I just kept reading a book til it was done, however late in the morning that was. It was nice. :)

"If you're learning about religion from books, you're probably missing the better parts, anyway." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 2:00am on 11 Aug 2003
Have you read Little, Big? It's the most excellent "low" fantasy I've ever read. Incidentally, I wonder why you're lucky. The server I'm on with phpwebhosting has been up and down all weekend, and your blog always seems to work. Maybe I'll ask them to move me off of flow... Posted by Chris at 2:24pm on 11 Aug 2003
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