July 29, 2003

Cell tower rebooted

I think they just rebooted the local cell tower or something. First I lost signal (which makes my phone make a sound), so I took it out of my pocket, thinking I was just in a cell shadow. Then, as I looked at it, it got back analog service, switched to digital, changed the time to 11:34---which would be GMT---and then, after about twenty seconds of me staring at it openmouthed, it switched to analog again, then back to full digital cell service at five bars (which I *never* get in my office) and finally back down to its usual one or two bars.

Damnedest thing. Never seen anything like it.

Ashcroft's Corollary: "As a dispute goes on, the probability of one side claiming the other is helping terrorists approaches one." --BenjyD

Posted by blahedo at 7:40pm on 29 Jul 2003
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